I’m going to show you who makes it the easiest to get Free Xbox 360 Games . The company that is giving away these free games is Transcendent Innovations (TRAINN). Trainn has been giving away free stuff since 2005 and has been acknowledge as one of the best freebie sites out there. Over $6 million of prizes have been shipped out since their creation.

You have a wide range of game choices from this site including the new Guitar Hero World Tour Bundle(with Guitar) and many other games. This site allows you to get multiple games, chanel handbags so keep following these steps until you have as many games that you want.

So, if you really want some new Xbox 360 games follow the steps below in a new window or try it out after you read through all the information. If you still need more information, be sure to check out my Freebie Information Blog. On my Freebie Information and proof blog, I have news videos that show that freebie sites work, and I also have freebie proof pictures of others receiving their prize, as well as my own. And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, add a comment to the post and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Step 1 – Free Xbox 360 Games Image

Step 1 :

Sign up at . Enter a valid e-mail at the bottom-right of the page and click the sign up button. Though, I have never received junk e-mail from the freebie sites, you can set-up another e-mail account that you can use just for freebie sites. If you want to do this, I suggest Gmail or Hotmail, but any other email service would work as well.

On the next page, you will need to enter your Name and shipping address. You will also select either the referral method or the points method.

Though on most sites the referral method will be easier, in this case either one is a good choice! They are both easy to do. The quicker method in this case is the points method.

Points Method : The points method is what can be called the solo method of doing freebies. There's no messing with referrals and in the case of this site you can actually be done with a site in as little as 10 minutes. To do it the points method, you have to complete only TWO free trial offers to receive your game.

Referral Method : The referral method is the method of getting your prize by referring other people to sign up using your referral link. This method is best if you know a lot of friends who would also like to get a free game. You can have them sign up under you can whenever they complete one offer, you get credit. To do it the referral method, you must complete ONE free trial offer and refer TWO people to also complete ONE free trial offer.

You shouldn’t worry about entering your shipping information. They only use it for the delivery of your games. Trainn does not sell or lease your personal information. I haven’t received any junk mail from freebie sites since I started doing them over a year ago. You can check out Trainn's Privacy Policy to see how safe and secure entering this information is.

Signing up is not an obligation to do anything! You are not sign up for any newsletters, spam, etc. So, I suggest you sign up and have a look around anyway.

Free Xbox 360 Games Sign Up Image

Free  Xbox 360 Games Step 2 Image

Step 2:

Once you are signed up, you can select your game of choice by click on the “Games” tab. You can browse through the hundreds of game choices there and choose one that you want as a prize. You can change your choice at any time. You can even choose the Guitar Hero games with a Guitar bundle. This is probably the best deal out there. You can spend as little as $0-$20 and get a $90+ game. If you already have it, you can always get it and resell it. As such, there is a limit to 3 Guitar bundles that you can request. Afterwards, you have to request one of the other $60 games and you can request as many of those that you want.

Now, for step 2 you must complete a trial offer or sample to get credit on your account. If you are doing it the points method, you'll have to do at least TWO trial offers. If you are doing this the referral method, you only have to complete ONE trial offer. These offers are risk-free and easy to do to get credit. These are trial offers and so if you are not happy with the product or service, you can choose to end your trial at no cost to you and still keep the credit to you account! You should attempt to do these offers as SOON as you can. Doing this will make step 3 much easier and faster! To get to the offers page, there is an offers tab and the top right of your main account screen!

Not all of the offers are free. There are some that are, but the ones that are not free are really inexpensive! I haven't completed an offer that's cost me more than $10 yet! And when you are getting Free Xbox 360 games, $10 is nothing compared to that.

So just browse through the offer list and choose one you think you might be interested in. If you want to look at the most popular offers just click the “Most popular offers” link. If you are having trouble choosing an offer, here are offers that either I’ve had personal success with or my friends have had success with:

Quick and Easy offers: These are the quickest and easiest offers to complete! You can find most of these by going to offers tab and clicking instant offers.

-- Credit Check Total-- Receive 3 Free credit reports and scores.
Offer Cost: FREE!! Credit Time: INSTANT!!! Register for the trial to receive credit

-- eAuction Tutor-- Learn how to maximize your profits on eBay. New to eBay? Lean how to get started.
Offer cost = $1.95 Credit Time = Instantly Order Kit to get credit

-- Amazing Web Stores-- Learn how to make money using Amazon
Offer Cost: $1.95 Credit Time: Instant Register for trial to get credit

-- Yahoo Success Kit Make money using Yahoo search engine for marketing.
Offer Cost: $1.95 Credit Time: Instant Register to receive Online Kit to get credit

-- Google Web Seo Supervisor-- Learn how properly optimize your website for search engines.
Offer cost = $4.95 Credit Time= Instantly Register to get credit

-- Video Professor-- Choose the program that you want to learn and get it shipped to you. The same Video Professor that you see on TV all the time.
Offer Cost = $6.95 Credit Time = Instantly Register for trial

Offers that are easy but take a little longer to complete:

-- A phenomenal service that mails you movies, which is very convenient.
Offer Cost = $9.95 Credit Time = Two Business Days Register for trial to receive credit.

--Proactiv Solution-- The popular acne treatment as advertised on TV. Always wanted to try it? Now start you way to getting an Playstation 3 by doing this offer!
Offer Cost = $19.95 Credit Time = 1-2 business days Order the Proactiv 3-step solution to receive credit.

--Gamefly-- A service that is like Blockbuster by Mail but only for games. Choose from a wide selection of Wii, Xbox, PS3, PS2, PSP, Gamecube, DS, and GBA games.
Offer Cost = $9.95 Credit Time = 3 Business Days Register for trial to receive credit

--eMusic-- A service that is like iTunes. Browse through a wide selection of various artists and choose music that is legal and has unlimited transfers. The offer comes with 25 free downloads.
Offer Cost = $9.95 Credit Time: 2-3 days Register for their service Yes, this is the same company that you see advertised on the TV all the time, and here they are supporting the Freebie World! Sign up for their one-week free trial and get your credit score. This is a wonderful service.
Offer Cost = $7.95 Credit Time = Same Day

All of the above offers are Level A offers. Completing one Level A offers will get you the full credit that you need, and then you can start with step 3. There are also Level B offers. For Level B offers, you must complete at least 50 points worth of offers. Generally, this usually just means two Level B offers to get your full credit.

Level B Offers: 10% off all purchases plus free shipping on a selection of over 5000 products.
Offer Cost = Varies, just make one purchase Credit Time = Same Day Value = 30 points Choose from the largest online store for shoes.
Offer Cost = Varies, just make one purchase Credit Time = Same Day Value = 30 points

There are more than 100 offers listed. Browse through them all and pick the one you want to try. You can't go wrong picking a product or service you want to try and then getting some Free Xbox 360 games later.

Free Playstation 3 Offer

--I recommend Instant credit offers or ones that credit in at least 3 days, such as the Blockbuster .com offer. This will get you started very quickly. If you don't receive credit within the time that it states, go to the support section in your account and submit a support ticket asking what to do if you didn't receive credit for an offer. This is important. The Freebie companies want you to do this. If you don't get credit, they don't get paid! So, they want to get paid and they'll help you to receive credit.

Free Xbox 360 Games - Step 3 Picture

If you did the points method then you are DONE!!! Just wait for your order to be approved and you'll receive it soon.

Keep reading if you are doing it the referral method. Now that you've completed an offer, all that's left to get your Free Xbox 360 Games is to get Referrals.

For this site all you need to do is refer 2 other people to the site and have them complete an offer. The good thing about this site is that it is repeatable. For every two people you refer, you will get a free xbox 360 game. So it’s easy to see how spending $10 one time can multiply into several Xbox 360 games very easily.
Here are some suggestions to get your referrals:

1. Spread the word and get your friends and family to do the same thing.
Just make sure they do it from a different house and a different computer. As long as it is on different networks, you should be fine. Be wary of completing offers at school, work, dorm, or same house as this can get you disqualified for having the same ip address. This is the easiest way to get Free xbox 360 games

2. Visit forums often? If they don't consider it spam, post your link on the forum and tell people about it.

----Never Spam your link. The Freebie community looks down upon this and if they find that you are spamming, your account will be place on hold, and you won't receive Free Xbox 360 games----

3. Post your link on your own website.

4. Anyway you can think of...

--- Do whatever you want to get your referrals, as long as you don't spam. Be creative, think of things to attract people to sign up under you. Give them rewards or incentive to sign up. ---

The most important thing you can do is to share the information I have given you with them. Make sure they understand how the system works. Show them it is not a scam by taking them to my info and proof site. After all, who wouldn't want Free Xbox 360 games.

After collecting your referrals, submit your account for approval to make sure that you've completed everything and followed the rules listed in the Terms and Conditions.

If you did the site legitimately, you have nothing to worry about. Once approved, place your order, and within no time your Xbox 360 game will arrive at your doorstep for FREE!!

Shipping is free and it should ship within 4-5 business days. As long as the game you choose is not on back order, you should receive you package soon.

step 4

Play your new Xbox 360 game.


Feel Free to ask any questions and/or voice any concerns. I'm here to help you on your way to getting Free Xbox 360 games. Be sure to check out my other sites, to see how other things for free. The links can be found on the side.

Thanks and have a wonderful Freebie Day!!


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